11Plus-MockExams.co.uk is here to help children to score high in their 11 Plus entrance exams by GL Assessment or CEM or CSSE or ISEB or Independent Schools.

During the current environment of COVID crisis, children face unseen challenges or difficulties in attending Mock exams with social distancing in place. Our dedicated team has risen to the unprecedented challenges in ensuring your child to gift the invaluable benefits of Online Mock tests! Our NEW online platform is dedicated to meet the demand with variety of styles in the 11 Plus exams.


Online 11 Plus Mock Website

Our Online '11 Plus Mocks' website has been produced to help students to continue their 11 Plus entrance examination preparations despite the COVID-19 crisis and restrictions currently prevailing.

This mock exam is similar to the one, where your child normally sits in an entrance examination hall environment, but we made it online on set dates to mitigate unnecessary contact and travel.

11 Plus Mocks is the UK’s only provider of 11 Plus Mock Exams, with original material, which one cannot find in any of the commercial bookstores.

We are also the UK’s first provider of realistic Online Mock Exams for those students applying to Birmingham, Warwickshire and Wasall, CEM Eleven Plus Examinations for Entrance into Grammar School in 2020.

Now ‘11 Plus Mocks’ is offering students the chance to sit and do an Online Mock Exam at their own home without the need of travel.

11 Plus Mocks focus on testing the key learning points and skills necessary for passing the 11 Plus exam.

11 Plus Mocks is open to anyone, who is starting year 5 or year 6 in Sept 2020 and who is determined to sit 11+ mock tests under exam controlled conditions to prepare for the big day of their life.


Online 11 Plus Mock Exams

Mock Paper

Every Online Mock Exam is designed uniquely.

Unique Questions

The Questions given, Sections and Timings all are unique for each and every paper.

Full-length Mock Paper

11 Plus Mocks provides a full length 11 Plus Online Mock Exam.

All 11+ Subjects

It will include all key 11 Plus subjects; Non-Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and English core question types and Comprehension.

Two 50-minutes Tests

There will be two 50 Minutes tests that are split into two individually timed sections.

Only One Attempt

We allow one attempt for an individual per section.

Short Break

Short break is provided between test papers.

Detailed Analysis Report

Detailed and Statistical Results will be sent to the parent's email. It will include the strengths and weaknesses of the child.

Nationwide Comparison

11 Plus Mocks provides Comparision between your child and subjects against other students and subjects on a nationwide basis, highlighting areas for improvement.

Sample Report

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Our Mock Exams


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Benefits for your child

    The exam in 11 Plus Mocks will provide a solid experience for students to improve their scores surely.

    Time management, which plays a very crucial role in attempting 11 Plus exams will be enhanced efficiently.

    Answering questions in a time frame will be improved in an effective manner.

    This Online Mock Exam could be completed at the students home computer at anytime you choose over the weekend.

    Online Mock Exams with 11 Plus Mocks have many more benefits.

    Our “Online Mock Exam” has a strong potential to take your child's preparation to the next level in a cost and time effective manner.

  • If you have a booking to do Virtual Mocks online at your home, here is info on how to get started. Students must be logged in to their own account.

    1. A quiet, undisturbed room for 2 hours and 30 minutes for the virtual mock session
    2. Laptop / Desktop Computer
    3. A few sheets of blank paper, 2 or more pencils and a good eraser for rough workings
    4. Username and password to log in to the appropriate Student account.
  • Keep your mobile phone switched off to avoid any distractions during the exam.

    Open only 11 Plus Mocks website on the computer for the whole duration of the virtual mock.

    Try to accompany your child when he/ she sits the virtual mock test.

Keys to success when taking online entrance tests

Be Ready for surprises

The actual exam might surprise you. So Students must be always ready to answer, even if the format is new or slightly different than expected.

Be quick and accurate

There would be lots of questions to answer in a relatively short time. Students must be quick while at the same time maintaining accuracy.

Be calm and focussed

Students should remain calm and focused to perform well.

Know the Content

This exam consists of 7 or 8 mini-tests, each timed individually. These will be split into two sessions of around 45 minutes each with a 15-minute break in between.

Question Types

Most of the questions are in multiple choice format. Some maths questions require a written answer, for these you must not include any units of measure or signs (such as cm, %, £, mins). Enter the numbers in your answer only. You may include decimal places.